Teo Lloyd

The Moldavian born and raised designer, first discovered her fashion flair when she was 6 years old. Teo was given a sewing machine by her grand mother who inspired her creativity. Her talent was recognised by Teo’s primary school, where they proudly displayed her Cinderella dress in their museum.

While studying fashion at Northumbria University, she worked in a luxury boutique in North London where she became the main buyer, merchandiser and manageress. Her combined knowledge and passion for design and luxury led her to create TEO LLOYD brand.


‘High-end fashion brand with a vision of sublime femininity and sophistication.’

Teo Lloyd is a new luxury womenswear brand that focuses on ambitious and fashion conscious women. Her brand’s signature is a structured classic look with a modern twist, mainly inspired by architecture.

The ready-to-wear collection guarantees high quality fabrics, attention to detail with an excellent finish. Yet the brand offers high-end luxury at exceptional value.

The fashion line provides comfort, elegance and timeless style, hence fulfilling the demands of a sophisticated 21st century woman.